• A Family of Churches

    Anthem Ventura is part a family of churches helping people find their way back to God. The Anthem family of churches is united around shared mission, vision, values, and submission to the Lordship of King Jesus. In our cities, we are working to obey Jesus in helping people find their way back to God.

Books Recommendations

Bible Resources

The Gospel

  • Gospel

    J.D. Greear

  • gospel fluency

    Jeff Vanderstelt

  • Charis

    Preston Sprinkle

  • The Pusuing God

    Joshua Ryan Butler

Spiritual Growth

  • God Has a name

    John Mark Comer

  • making sense of god

    Tim Keller

  • The reason for god

    Tim Keller

  • my name is hope

    John Mark Comer

  • the mission of god

    Christopher Wright

  • Better

    Tim Chaddick

  • the prodigal god

    Tim Keller

  • the truth about lies

    Tim Chaddick

  • the truest thing about you

    Dave Lomas

  • counterfeit gods

    Tim Keller

Practicing the Way of Jesus Teaching Series

  • the spirit of the disciplines

    Dallas Willard

  • the great omission

    Dallas Willard

  • With

    Skye Jethani

  • practicing the way of jesus

    Mark Scandrette

  • Jesus Continued

    J.D. Greear