• A Family of Churches

    Anthem Ventura is part a family of churches helping people find their way back to God. The Anthem family of churches is united around shared mission, vision, values, and submission to the Lordship of King Jesus. In our cities, we are working to obey Jesus in helping people find their way back to God.

Welcome to Anthem Church!

You might be wondering, what's it realy like at Anthem? Simply stated, at Anthem we're all about making much of Jesus and helping people find their way back to God. You won't be met with shame, guilt or condemnation. And, we don't care how you dressed or who you voted for. Our church is made up of imperfect people learning to live the good life Jesus so frequently talked about. 

Want to know the best part? No mater what you’ve been through or what questions you might have about God and faith, our church is a place where you’ll find the love, grace, and forgivenes Jesus gives to everyone.

Getting Connected

Here are some practical steps that you can take at Anthem Church.

  • Join us for Anthem Online

    Join us from wherever you are to worship, open the Scriptures, and be stirred toward actions and a deeper life with God. 

  • Attend Basics

    If you're new to Anthem, register for Basics. Basics is a free course where you’ll get to meet our team, learn about our church, get-connected with an Anthem Community.

  • Join an Anthem Community

    Groups of 10-20 meeting on Sundays in homes, backyards, and online for worship, teaching, response, meals, and life together.

  • Commit to Regular Giving

    As a church we believe that everything we have is a gift from God, including our finances. Giving is a response to the generosity we have been shown. When Jesus talked about money, he urged people to prioritize their investment in the unseen world. The generosity of our church allows us to pursue the vision the God has for Anthem Church.

  • Join a CORE Group

    Groups of 3-4, gender specific groups, within an Anthem Community, to grow in intentional discipleship, accountability, and encouragement.

  • Get Baptized

    Baptisms are a celebration of new life, a celebration of the finished work of Jesus Christ, and a public declaration of the work of the Spirit in our lives. For those who call themselves a Christian, and have not yet been baptized, we'd love to chat with you.

Get in touch

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Anthem is all about family, so no matter how big or small your question you can always find people ready to help.


(805) 516-0010 


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