• A Family of Churches

    Anthem Ventura is part a family of churches helping people find their way back to God. The Anthem family of churches is united around shared mission, vision, values, and submission to the Lordship of King Jesus. In our cities, we are working to obey Jesus in helping people find their way back to God.

Be the Church

Anthem House to House

Anthem House to House is church for everyone, everywhere. It's gathering together wherever you are, with others, in person or online, to share life, learn together, respond together, and be the church together. 

Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah.

Acts 5v42

This is Anthem

Anthem is one church made up of many communities, practicing the way of Jesus together in our city.

We are one church – we recognize that we are all on this journey together, and we are better together, and see great strength in gathering all of our house communities together on a regular basis for a ‘family reunion’. 

We are many communities – we are convinced growth happens best in smaller groups. We are devoted to communities meeting in homes and backyards as our primary means of gathering each week. 

Together, we are becoming resilient disciples, who are a faithful family in the face of cultural coercion, live a vibrant life in the spirit, and are empowered as a courageous missional presence in our world. We live this out by organizing everything we do around three goals: be with Jesus, become like Jesus, do what Jesus did. 

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