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Elder Installation Sunday

Happy new year!

We hope you had a fantastic holiday and are excited to get back to it this week! 

We have so many exciting things to look forward to this year, and we'll get to a lot of it in our 'This is Anthem' teaching series through January and culminiating on Vision Sunday on February 9. 

But, one of those most exciting things that has been happening around Anthem these last few months has been the announcement of our Elders-In-Training and these last few months of examination and affirmation. 

If you missed that Sunday, or would like to learn a bit more about the process, click here to learn more.

The next step in this process is to offically install this group into eldership at Anthem Church. 

On Sunday, Jan 12, 2020, we will be installing our first group of Elders for Anthem Ventura.

This will be a huge day in the life of our church, and we not only highly encourage you to make a point to present this weekend, but we encourage you to invite a friend or family members who might be interesting in where we're heading as a church. 

What's an elder installation anyway?

While you might–depending on your church background, if you have any–have certain thoughts or questions about a day like this, some of which I may or may not be able to answer, what I hope to do here, is lay out what this day means to Anthem and how we approach it. 

What's the day going to be like?

We'll start by singing together. This isn't perfunctory, it's a crucial piece to our day together. We'll start by fixing our eyes on Jesus and making much of him. After all, the main thing an Elder is to do is keep the main thing the main thing. 

Then, we'll do a bit of teaching on Biblical Eldership. We've done some of this before, so if you'd like to learn a bit more about how to the bible talks about eldership, and how are putting that into practice here at Anthem, be sure to watch the sermon from our Elder Presentation Sunday or the sermon from Terry Fouche on eldership.

Next up, we'll invite the Elders-In-Training up front, where we will walk through the biblical obligations of elders to the church. If you've been to a wedding recently, this might remind of the moment where the bride and groom exchange vows to each other.  

After that, we’ll invite the elders that are with us from Anthem Camarillo and Anthem Thousand Oaks , our sending churches, to lay hands on this team, prophetically pray over them and the church, and commission into ministry and leadership. 

After that, we’ll sing again, pointing our eyes to Jesus.  

We'll end the day with lunch together at Topa Topa (4880 Colt St).

We'll see you Sunday, Jan 12!

We can't stress enough how big of day this will be in the life of our church–please make a point to be us Sunday, Jan 12 in Downtown Ventura! 

If you have any questions in the meantime, be sure to get in touch

– Bert & Sherry Alcorn