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"It Is Written" Teaching Series Book Recommendations

We're about halfway through our teaching series titled "It Is Written" unpacking what the bible is, what are issues are with it, and how we can form a healthy relationship with the Scriptures. 

We have a problem with the Bible. More and more Christians in the west don’t read it, don’t know how to read it, don’t even like it, and frankly, take issue with it. 

So why do we follow the Bible? Because we follow Jesus. 

Each one of these weeks takes a look at a different aspect of how we relate to the Bible, and for those who want to dive deeper and do some further reading an study, here are a few recommendations to get you going: 

Part 1 → Listen

Why the Bible Matters - Mike Erre

Part 2 → Know

Unbreakable - Andrew Wilson

Eat This Book - Eugene Peterson


A Visual Theology Guide to the Bible - Tim Challies & Josh Byers 

The Drama of Scripture - Craig G. Bartholome w & Michael W. Goheen


Other Resources: